10 Reasons to drink coffee every day

For us adults, mornings aren’t complete without that wonderful smell of roasted beans. Some say coffee is bad for our health, but now we have scientific basis to disagree. European researchers found that drinking coffee promotes health, not the other way around.

1. Morning propeller – Almost everyone knows that a cup of coffee in the morning helps to be more awake and alert. But how does coffee make you feel that way? Studies show that caffeine directly stimulates the spinal cord and the brain’s cortex, thereby prompting you to feel alert. Caffeine also helps get things “moving” by stimulating and triggering contractions in the bowel, therefore pushing out toxic body waste from the day before. If you’re feeling a bit constipated, have a cup of coffee. It will help you and your bottom relax.

2. Pre-workout friend – Researchers have shown people that having a cup of coffee before working out helps extend the time you spend in the gym. This superfood helps block chemicals that causes muscles to become tired during intense physical activities. Researchers studied the effects of coffee on people who work out. They found that there was a significant reduction in pain during exercise after the consumption of coffee, no matter how much is ingested.

3. Nature’s analgesic – High concentrations of coffee, like a double espresso, may help women tolerate pain more. In London, researchers at the Goldsmiths College found that consuming 250 mg of caffeine helps increase pain thresholds. That amount of caffeine increases blood pressure which might be the reason for the improvement in tolerance. Unfortunately for you men out there, it does nothing for you. As for headaches, the combination of both caffeine and aspirin proves to be much more effective than aspirin alone. Caffeine helps absorb most analgesics faster, which explains why some medications include it.

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4. Helps you lose an inch — Since it helps you work out longer, you’ll sure shed those unwanted folds. But there’s a scientific reason why: chlorogenic acids. These acids help your body by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars, and speeding up your metabolism.

5. Fear not, asthmatics – It not only makes you feel more awake, but also helps you breathe. Acting as a bronchial dilator, caffeine may help asthmatics breathe easier during a mild attack. It is similar to theophylline, a drug which opens up the airways in the lungs. Severe cases may be helped with caffeine, but other forms of medication may be suggested.

6. Cancer and disease slayer – Regular coffee drinkers are in luck, as coffee may help fight off liver diseases and cancer. A study published in May 2017 suggests that people who drink a cup of coffee a day are 20 percent less likely to develop liver cancer, and drinking two cups a days lowers this risk by 35 percent. Further studies show that five cups of coffee cuts the risk in half. This natural antioxidant may also help half the risk of mouth cancer by protecting against tumors in the mouth, regardless of whether the person is a smoker or alcoholic. Other studies report that coffee can combat colorectal cancer as well.

7. Memory-enhancer – Studies by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee reports that moderate consumption of coffee may reduce cognitive decline in both men and women. By keeping your brain and body active, it is easier for a person to absorb information and retain it, exercising the brain as people go about their day. Majority of the studies suggest that coffee consumption over a lifetime is associated to a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Happiness in a cup – Depression, experienced by approximately 4.1 percent of the U.S. population, is a grave mental disorder that stops a person from experiencing the best in life. A Harvard University study in 2011 informed us that women who drank four or more cups per day had a 20 percent lower risk of depression. A separate study showed that 200,000 individuals who drank four or more cups of coffee daily were 53 percent less likely to commit suicide.

9. The fountain of youth – We’ve all been searching for ways to prolong our lives, and this might just be the solution. Drinking three cups of coffee a day can help extend lifespans, as reported by British researchers. Published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, these researchers found the link between coffee and the significant reduction of human diseases that cut our lives short. Coffee, not the caffeine in it, reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system. Bottom line is, even if your favorite coffee is decaf, you’ll still be protected by it.

10. No, it doesn’t dehydrate you – Everyone, it’s a myth. A few cups a day is the same as water, as reported by University of Birmingham researchers in their 2014 study. They conducted studies on 50 healthy men to drink four mugs of water a day for three days, and then switch to four mugs of coffee a day for the same number of days (or vice-versa). Urinalysis and blood tests show that hydration levels are the same when they drank water and when they drank coffee.

Now you have 10 reasons to drink that fourth cup of coffee today! Remember, it doesn’t matter if your coffee is black (as night), or sweet (as sin), but it’s important that you get your fix – it’s good for you!

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